Zyklop Automatic Passenger Counter

Zyklop Automatic Passenger Counter is The most accurate passenger counter sensor with Artificial Intelligence technology. Zyklop Sensor will be the ideal if you look for the absolute precision.

Efesto Termoscanner

Efesto Termoscanner device is suited to safety and convenience applications that include temperature measurement in transportation and residential environment.

Zyklop Automatic Passenger Counter is an electronic device powered by Ermetris for monitoring the number of people entering and exiting in a bus or a train.

Equipped with artificial intelligence, Zyklop identify people within the field of action through tracking algorithms.

This infrared (IR) sensor offers a cost-effective alternative to more expensive high-end thermal cameras.

Efesto maintaining high levels of precision across its full measurement scale. It also exhibits superior noise performance.


Ermetris transportation products

Ermetris provides a full range of products for railway and busses. We are expert on audio products based on sip standard and audio custom protocols. We provide intelligent monitors of different sizes and several custom products all en50155 qualified.

Passenger counting solutions

We provide passenger counting solutions for buses and trains in order to provide information about occupancy of vehicle and statistics.

Passenger information systems

Ermetris provides products for entertainment system fully en50155 qualified, we supply from the driver control panel to the cabin displays in several formats.

Public address solutions

Ermetris provides audio products fully en50155 qualified with a digital audio quality , with extensive use of power over ethernet and voip standard.

We work with some of the world’s biggest train builders and system integrators. Here are some practical examples of how our company collaborates with them in different areas.